smartR AI Unveils SCOTi – Scotland’s Powerful, Private, and Most Loyal AI Assistant

smartR AI™, a pioneering artificial intelligence company based in Scotland, today announced the launch of SCOTi™ AI, a cutting-edge private language model tailored for enterprise needs. SCOTi is a robust and versatile AI companion designed to enhance productivity, drive insights, and streamline operations for organizations across industries.

Developed by Scotland’s brightest minds in AI, SCOTi harnesses the power of large language models prioritizing privacy, security, and compliance, whilst encompassing a green approach.

As a fully customizable solution, each instance of SCOTi is meticulously trained to meet the unique requirements of individual clients, delivering tailored and high-quality results.

“We are thrilled to introduce SCOTi, our homegrown AI dynamo, to the world,” said Oliver King-Smith, founder and CEO at smartR AI. “With its unparalleled capabilities and unwavering commitment to privacy, SCOTi is poised to revolutionize how businesses leverage AI to gain a competitive edge.”


SCOTi’s extensive suite of features empowers organizations to automate workflows, analyze data, generate insights, and streamline processes with unprecedented ease. Key capabilities include:

  • Data Organization and Information Retrieval: SCOTi can sniff out, collect, structure, and organize data from various sources, making it readily accessible for analysis and decision-making.
  • Data Analyst: By understanding and responding to plain English queries, SCOTi provides straightforward and comprehensible insights, eliminating the need for complex data queries.
  • Report Generation: SCOTi can compile comprehensive reports based on an organization’s data, adhering to specific formatting requirements, and writing styles.
  • Customized Training: Each instance of SCOTi is rigorously trained on the client’s proprietary data and objectives, ensuring maximum relevance and accuracy.


Designed with a steadfast commitment to privacy and data protection, SCOTi operates within the secure confines of an organization’s ecosystem, safeguarding sensitive information and preserving confidentiality. Adding to the security aspect of SCOTi, smartR AI transfers ownership of each custom model to the client.


“At smartR AI, we believe that AI should empower, not replace, human intelligence,” Oliver added. “SCOTi is a trustworthy partner that augments human capabilities, enabling organizations to unlock new frontiers of productivity and innovation. With a SCOTi we can all act, think and work smarter.”

SCOTi is now available for enterprise deployments. For more information or to schedule a demo, please visit


About smartR AI

smartR AI is a leading artificial intelligence company headquartered in Edinburgh, Scotland. With a team of world-class researchers and engineers, smartR AI develops cutting-edge AI solutions tailored for enterprise needs, with a strong emphasis on privacy, security, and ethical AI practices, augmenting clients’ team with AI expertise.

We work closely with all stakeholders to drive enterprise-wide implementation of AI, streamlining workflows.  At smartR AI, we spend the time to learn about your business and collaborate closely with your teams to develop a customized AI solution unique to you. Our smartR team has years of experience adapting AI solutions to real world needs. We’ve developed proprietary model building blocks to accelerate the development of your project.

  • For business applications we have SCOTi – your loyal AI pal.
  • For medical, health and wellbeing applications, we have alertR – a behavioral intelligence-based alerting system.

We specialize in providing safe private models, that manage risk, while providing high reward.  As our models are specifical trained for you, they work naturally with people to enhance and optimize productivity, and reveal previously unseen insights from your vast data pools. But most importantly, smartR AI is committed to providing safe AI programs within your own secure and private ecosystems.

We invent tomorrow’s products today by breaking free from pre-programmed rules. As intelligence moves to the edge of the network, smartR AI is all about doing things the smartest way. smartR AI improves your life intelligently by empowering your workforce with actionable insights.