Leading Sports Surgeon Prof. Gordon Mackay and Innovative InternalBrace Surgery Revolutionize ACL Injury Treatment in Women’s Football

In the dynamic world of sports medicine, one name stands out: Professor Gordon Mackay. A leading authority on ACL injuries, Professor Mackay has pioneered groundbreaking advancements in treatment, including inventing the revolutionary InternalBrace ligament repair system. Now, a compelling new mini-documentary delves into the world of ACL injuries in women’s football, exploring the experiences of professional athletes and the transformative impact of Professor Mackay’s surgical innovations.
Titled “An Epidemic in Women’s Football? ” the documentary provides a look at the challenges faced by female footballers dealing with ACL ruptures. Through candid interviews with several pro players, viewers gain firsthand insight into the physical and emotional toll of these injuries, as well as the journey to recovery.

What sets this documentary apart is its exploration of different treatment approaches. Traditional ACL reconstruction has long been the standard, but the emergence of InternalBrace surgery has sparked a paradigm shift in the field. Players who undergo InternalBrace surgery experience an accelerated recovery time and a faster return to play.“We wanted to shed light on the advancements in ACL injury treatment, particularly in the realm of women’s football,” said Professor Mackay. “We feel it is important to show how research is ongoing into these injuries and that innovation is changing the game for athletes.”

In addition to featuring the stories of athletes, the documentary also includes a contribution from Professor Kate Webster, a leading research expert in ACL injuries in sport from La Trobe University, Melbourne. Professor Webster’s research is looking into why the age of female athletes can also be an injury factor and into re-rupture rates.

“For too long, ACL injuries have been a significant hurdle for athletes, particularly in women’s football,” remarked Professor Mackay. “With the InternalBrace, we’re able to offer a more effective and efficient patient solution, allowing players to get back to what they love faster, in fact, the InternalBrace has the potential to halve recovery.”

 He added, “Our latest research 5-year results also show that the InternalBrace method reduces the rate of re-rupture by 90%.”

With its blend of personal narratives, expert analysis, and cutting-edge medical technology, “An Epidemic in Women’s Football? ” promises to inform audiences and offer hope to those grappling with this common sports injury. Whether you’re a player, coach, or sports enthusiast, this documentary is essential viewing for anyone touched by the impact of ACL injuries.

For more information about Professor Gordon Mackay and InternalBrace ligament repair, visit https://www.mackayclinic.co.uk.
Watch “An Epidemic in Women’s Football?” here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tQyxSZuEwlg